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Tools to Continuously Engage your Visitors

Drive them down the conversion funnel

Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications

Engage your visitors even when they leave your website and get them to keep coming back. Web Push is the new Email.

Insite Notifications

In-Site Notifications

Using Exit-Intent technology and time-based triggers, show Opt-In pop-ups and content recommendation slide-ups.

Retargeting or Remarketing

Re-Targeting / Remarketing

Retarget your website visitors with Ads on Social platforms. Retargeted visitors are 400% more likely to convert than non-targeted.

Content Recommendations AI

Content Recommendation A.I.

Most of your visitors leave within a few seconds of not finding relevant information. Our artificial intelligence engine self-learns your visitors behaviour and content consumption patterns in real time. It then auto recommends them the most relevant content from your website to increase engagement and drive conversions.

  • Slide-up boxes with relevant premium content
  • Pop-ups with relevant offers & optin messaging
  • Auto Web Push to keep them coming back

How it Works?

How FunnelUp Works?

Your marketing efforts drive in visitors to your website from various channels - social, paid ads, search engine etc. However 95% of these visitors don't convert, leaving your website never to return.

FunnelUp starts working as soon as your visitor lands on your website, analyzing their behaviour and intent. It engages them with other relevant content and premium offers to convert them.

If these visitors leave, FunnelUp continues to engage them through Re-Targeting and Web Push Notifications to get them to keep coming back. You can manually define each campaign and content piece, or let FunnelUp run on Auto A.I. mode.

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